The Mega Man Project

Developed by N64Mario 2008-2009
Inspired by Capcom

The Mega Man Project is a current W.I.P. game engine being developed with ClickTeam's Multimedia Fusion 2. The current resolution of the engine is currently set to 256x224. The same as that of the original games, including Mega Man 9. It is still under heavy development. Depending on how much I can polish it up, include every possible event depends on when or if the engine will be open source.
While you start on different stages, the entire engine actually takes place all in one frame of MMF2's storyboard system. This makes programming less stressful, and easier to handle, without having to copy over the engine to another frame. While you are not limited to this method for loading stages, I used this method to show the engine's production, and the kinds of features it includes.
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