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Updated: March 30, 2010

WarioWare Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) has just been released This week, and I've been enjoying it very much. It's a game where you can create your own micro games. Also, if you have a Wii, and have your wi-fi settings set up, you can download the Wii version called Wario Ware DIY Showcase. This one lets you show your WarioWare micro games on the TV screen.

Well guess what? You can even make Mega Man themed micro games with this game. Here is one micro game that I made with it. This one actually got featured on Protodude's RockMan Corner.

Pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend getting this game for the DS.

Here is another micro game I made recently. It's based on the recurring puzzle blocks in Mega Man games, as well as an appearance of its own fan-made robot master.

So, now you know what's been going on with me lately. I haven't been working on the fan game engine at all lately. I've been occupied with a lot of other games, as well as life at the moment. So, things will be slow for a little while.


This pretty much confirms that MMF2 software now has the flash SWF exporter. Unfortunately, from my experience & experimenting with this exporter, seems that NOT ALL games can be ported to flash perfectly.
The screen shot above is a flash port of my Mega Man game engine. But as you can see, the game is running VERY SLOW. This may be due that it is not optimised enough to be ran as a flash runtime.

Clickteam OFFICIALLY released the SWF exporter for Multimedia Fusion 2 (MMF2)! How awesome is that! That means we may see more Mega Man fan games made in flash in the future! As long as the creator is using MMF2, they can export their MM fan game as a flash SWF runtime.

We'll be doing some testing with this new feature for our game later on. After we fix a couple of bugs/errors that are apparentlt NOT supported by the flash runtime.

I would like to thank everyone who joined in to watch on my live Mega Man 10 stream this past Monday. I believe the event was very successful.
According to the release schedule, we won't have any download content for MM10 until April. Although it's been found that all the data is already within the MM10 game files we already have. Apparently, We just have to pay for it as DLC to unlock it. But if you can't wait for extra content, you can always hack your Wii system, install homebrew channel, and use codes to enable the content. But me, I'd rather wait and do it the right way.

The DLC for MM10 is as follows
4/5/2010 - Bass Mode (Yup, you heard right. We can finally play as Bass in this game)
4/26/2010 - Endless Attack Mode
4/5/2010 - Special Stage 1
4/26/2010 - Special Stage 2
4/26/2010 - Special Stage 3

Now on Wiiware!


This is the official release date for Mega Man 10. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!
Not only that, but Capcom revealed all the weapons for this game. They look very promising. Check out their post.
Mega Man 10 - Special Weapons Revealed
For those interested, I WILL be broadcasting my attempt at the game at March 1.

On a related note, I am very sorry for the lack of updates. But rest assured, I am working on programming MegaPhilX's game MegaMan Unlimited. All the robot master stages are added in the game engine. I am currently working on the special platforms for the game. There is NO release date for the fan game demo yet.
I wish I could show you some more interesting screen shots of the robot master levels in MegaMan Unlimited, but I am not allowed to, as directed by MegaPhilX. He wants to keep everything a surprize. So, sorry guys.


Fixed a few things with the ladders. Ladders placed in auto scrolling level (Stage 3).
Increased the screen size of the online version of the game engine.


Rainbow Man's stage from MegaPhilX's game.

I feel at this point that my new current game engine is far enough in production that I will start programming MegaPhilX's game, Mega Man Unlimited. So that means there will most likely be no more updates to the games engine as itself. If I add anything new into the engine (but not specific to Mega Man Unlimited) will most likely be held off until MegaPhilX's game is finished.

A playable demo will most likely be announced by MegaPhilX when he feels good that there are enough levels to play for the public.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


OMG, hidden character select screen available!
Projects page back up online. MegaPhilX's fan game has a new title logo.

Just a small bug fix on the ladder code. If you press left or right while the mega buster is out (after shooting), he switched hands. This update fixes this issue so Mega Man only switches hands when you have pressed the fire button.

More bug fixes in the engine. Fixed an issue of the player going through the floor if the gravity was set to -1 (or any negative whole number for that matter), if the gravity was set reversed, the player would get stuck in the floor/ceiling and would get pushed out.
It seems in the fast loop function of velocity Y, I only stopped the fast loop, and set the velocity Y to 0. This just stopped the player in its current Y position without going backwards. I forgot to set the players Y position back out of collision when hitting the floor/ceiling in the fast loop.

Fixed an issue with the health power ups. While recovering energy, you could still pause the game. Also, if you touched both big/small health power ups at the same time, the game apparently got stuck, even after health recovery was finished. There were also some other background animations that were still playing, during the health recovery pause time.
Fixed an issue with the player shooting animation still visible upon death. If you pressed fire button to shoot while hitting against a spike (or any other kind of death sequence), the shooting sprites would still be visible for the remainder of the time given instead of instantly being destroyed.
All these issues I've explained above have been fixed in this update.

Oh yea..... one big announcement. FROM CAPCOM!
Go read Nintendo Power Issue #250 for more information.
- Capcom-Unity Blog


Finally added a "Game Over" screen.
The game engine title screen now has the old music back.
Finally fixed the issue with the items from 12/7/09's update. They should work normally now. If you don't pick up the items, they should stay on the level. If you pick up an item, they won't come back until you hit a Game Over, or go back to the stage select screen.
Fixed walking on quick sand areas. Velocity X speed on sand now gets cut in half.

Added a feature for the items. If you collect an item in a level, they will not re-appear when you die, or restart the current level. Unfortunately, they don't come back even when you go back to stage select screen, and re-enter a level from there.
In other words, there still maybe a few more bugs that need work from this feature.


Anti-gravity room features now more stable. Slopes also work with anti-gravity.
Considering the features, I had to fix a few events/conditions to make them more compatable with anti-gravity rooms.
As you can tell from the screen shot above, I adjusted the gravity during the game for testing purposes.
While mainly just standing as debug keys, [ & ], ; & ', and < & > keys adjust the gravity accordingly. So not only can you have anti-gravity rooms, you can adjust the gravity to make the player fall faster than normal.

I just fixed a bug with the upward/downward screen transitions.
These screen transitions first check if the scroll flag is on. The new flag fix I added now checks that the player is overlapping one of the current screen transition bars when the scroll flag is on.
Before this fix, if there were two upward or downward screen transition bars beside each other (not overlapping), and the scroll flag was activated, the transition got confused and attempted to center on either one of the scroll transition bars. Considering the first flag is activated when both the screen and the player are overlapping them. The second flag fixes this issue from the players position.


What you see here in the image is showing a new debug key option that turns on or off all invisible objects used in the engine. You can display these invisible objects by pressing the 'O' key on the keyboard during game play.

This is also showing that the ladders are now compatable for reverse gravity as of this update. The image shows that there are two ladder detectors. A top detector, and a bottom detector. If the players gravity is normal, the ladder top platform (Red) stays at the top. If the players gravity is reersed, the ladder top platform is repositioned to the bottom of the ladder where the botom detector lies.


Ladders have now been added back into the new engine.
NOTE: These are still under work in progrss. Ladders still do NOT work 100% correctly when Mega Man is upside down. They are only about 90% right when the gravity is reversed. The only thing missing is Mega Man's sprite when he's on top of the ladder at the bottom does not show yet.
Besides that, ladders should be somewhat working now as of this update.

I Inactivated a few objects in the game's engine frame, that are far away from the games window screen. This should fix any FPS slowdowns caused by active objects not shown in the screen.
Fortunately, I have added a new animation sync process to re-sync animations in the game. The inactive objects used as animated backgrounds use this feature to help with the FPS slowdown caused by always active objects.

I also removed the rotating platform engine from 11/18/09's update. There seemed to be a few bugs I didn't check out when I added this feature. So until then, I have removed the rotating platform from the engine frame. However, the code for the rotating platform still remains in the app. Just in its own frame for the time being.


Shooting ability fully added back in the new engine. Still no extra weapons yet.
This time, the shots use a different programming method than the one I used in my old outdated engines. It is now a fully static shooting engine using spread, in which I have more control over the velocities of each of the bullets.
In other words, no more built in movement crap. Everything in this engine is all static movement this time around.


Added rotating/circling platforms. I made the kind of platforms you would see in Air Man's stage, but using my own example sprites instead of the moving cloud ones.
I began work adding back in the mega buster. The sprites of Mega Man shooting are in, but it is not yet programmed.
I fixed a few pixels on some frames of Mega Man's sprite sets.

UPDATE: Mega Man's shooting animation is now useable via 'Fire 2' button. Unfortunately, he STILL can't shoot anything yet. This just shows you it's going under progress.

Fixed a bug in upwards/downwards door transitions. The bug was if there were two doors on the top and bottom of a room, they would both activate incorrectly when going through one of these doors.
Added a few other things, as well as fixing a few pixels on helmetless MegaMan's hair when he blinks his eyes.


Added sand pit areas much like that of Pharaoh Man's stage from Mega Man 4.
If you stand on the sand, you slowly move downwards.
UPDATE: Fixed upwards/downwards screen transitions. The screen no longer 'snaps' to the center of the screen. Instead, it now scrolls quickly left or right to the center of the screen during the upwards/downwards screen transition.


Downwards/upwards door transitions have been added in.
I Also made a couple of minor adjustments with the doors.

[10/28/09]: Fixed a lot of bugs, updated the engine.
- Updated the handling on the no scrolling detectors. Mainly the screen scroll stopper detector objects. There was a slight bug/error in which you could still see a few pixels of the other side of a room/screen for a split second under certain circumstances. Turns out I had my X Right Frame and X Left Frame conditions reversed it seems. This issue has been fixed in this update.
- Fixed a few bugs with the moving platforms. I can't remember if this bug existed before. But at one point there was a moving platform bug in which if the player took a small step when the platform was coming underneath the player, they would fall through the floor. This issue should be fixed.


New level area added. This area mainly shows how the new maze loop function works.


Teleporters FULLY functional! Also added a randomizer function to the teleporters, ala Mega Man 9 Endless Mode.
Slopes fully functional, including ice slopes & diagonal conveyor belts.


Added a new testing area. This level has auto scrolling features.
The camera auto scrolls along the play field until it reaches the end.


Nothing much to show. Just a few updates to the engine.
The pause menu screen does not work yet. But at least you can bring it up on the screen now.
You can try the engine at the engine demo page.

[9/3/09]: Added a downloads section. Here, you will be able to download all my Multimedia Fusion 2 game demos and engines.
Since people have heavily requested for my engines, I am now offering my discontinued game egnines. I am even putting up some of the OLDEST BETA versions of my mega man engines. Check them out if you want.

[9/2/09]: The new playable Mega Man Game Engine Demo is out. It now uses my new static platform engine.
While there isn't much to show right now, at least you can play test how the engine's progress is going.
My new game engine seems a bit more polished than my old engine. Give it a try and see what you think.
There are 2 sample stages available. One of the stages shows how I worked the low gravity feature, for outer space stages.

[9/1/09]: NEW WEBSITE LAYOUT! New Navigation page. UPDATES!
- Updated the Static Platform Engine. Fixed a couple of bugs. Reverted the background back to the original colors. Although I am making my new Mega Man Engine from this engine. So I feel pretty comfortable that the static platform engine is complete. As far as the new Mega Man Engine goes, that will become open source very soon. It won't contain much as say, a full game. But it should be enough to get you started. Anyways, get the updated static platform engine in the How-Tos & Examples section.
- Updated the stage select how to. Added sound effects, and added a stage selected flashing animation. Get it in the How-Tos & Examples section.
- Added a game projects page. Our current game WIP is Mega Man 10. I am helping with programming the game. MegaPhilX is still the designer & director of the game. Check it out in the new Game Projects section. Mega Man 10 project page soon to follow.
- Updated the screen shots page. The 2008-2009 Mega Man Engine is discontinued. It is being replaced with the all NEW 2009 Mega Man Engine that I am currently developing. It is more polished, and will serve as the engine what I will use to help MegaPhilX on his Mega Man 10 project.


Updated the static platform engine again. Changes include the following.
- Added FrameRate display. Press [F] to show.
- Added Mega Man's other forms. Press [0], [1], or [2] to change forms.
- Changed the background color style to black. Debug font colors to white.
- Added support for changing falling speed, or gravity easier, making use of alterable values.
You can download it in the How-Tos & Examples section.

I have updated the static platform engine in the How-Tos & Examples section. Here is the update log.
- Added moving platforms.
- Added a light grid looking backdrop in the background.
- Fixed a collision bug for the online build of the engine.
- Added more comments in the events list to give more details about the alterable values used.

Sorry for the lack of updates. So here's a little something for you all that you might like.

This static platform engine is now available in the How-Tos & Examples section.
NOTE: Do NOT confuse this platform engine with the megaman engine currently in development, as they contain different codes.
This engine is more like a polished version of the Mega Man Engine playable demo online. This engine makes use of floats and fast loops.
While this is lacking features, it is a little bit more developed than the actual game engine.

Updated the Spread Value - Yoku Blocks example in my How-Tos & Examples section.
There are now 4 example patterns included in this How-To. I got rid of the unnecessary detector objects. This update works a lot more efficiently than my last version.
Download in the How-Tos & Examples section.

Added a new how-to in the How-Tos & Examples section.
The new how-to/example is a magic/yoku block engine that makes use of spread values in MMF2. Download in the How-Tos & Examples section.

Due to the FPS dropping heavily in my recently updated color change how-to, I have included the older frame of the color change how-to in with the new version. The differences between the two is how the colors are being controlled, and how much the FPS drops.
While the FPS drops so much, I may stick with my old palette codes for right now. Due to this, it may take even longer to update my engine until I can find a way around all this.

Updated the Weapon Color Change How-To in the How-Tos & Examples section.
I also included an application.exe version, and an internet vitalize.cnn version for resourcing sakes, and for those that want to test it, but don't have MMF2 to open up the .mfa source code.
This mainly fixes an issue on some monitors where charging the mega buster gives a strange color bug, mixing all the colors into 1 single color. The Color Change How-To now uses a temporary color adjustment not shown in the game, to insure that the colors do not get mixed during its replacement code.
The Mega Man game engine will be fixed to include these updates soon, after I fix up a couple of other things in the engine.

Updated the screen transition scroll bars in the engine. Included the ability to use screen scroll up only, and screen scroll down only bars. Much like how screen scroll left only, and screen scroll right only works. While not neccessary, I have included them as an extra freature, just in case someone decides to want to use them in their own games.
Also at least one of my friends has reported a palette/color bug in the engine. When charging the mega buster weapon, it turns Mega Man completely 1 solid color. I have not experienced this color bug on my side, but if any one else experiences this bug, please let me know if it becomes an issue, and I'll see what I can do.

Doors and screen transition bugs have been fixed. Screen transitions now move a tad faster.
Doors do not activate oddly any more. Only when the player gets near the edge of the frame where the door stands.
NOTE: New bug has been reported by me. This is technically a loading bug in the stages. Whether it's being loaded too early, or a programming error, sometimes you end up in the wrong stage when you restart via F4, or death sequence. It may be due to the repositioning of the player and screens to the supposed area/stage too soon at the start of the frame's opening sequence. As the engine's still not final, these are one of the many bugs I have encountered while play testing. Some of the bugs like these will eventually be fixed before I release the engine.

Fixed a few bugs. Adjusted the handling of room positioning during screen transitions. After the screen transition is done, it should 'center' more on to the next 'room'.
Also fixed the no screen scroll bars easier to work with in the frame editor. These bars stop the screen from scrolling on to the player, whether they reached a door, or another room where a screen needs a transition.
Added a closing door only behind you after the mini boss room in Dark Mega Man?'s stage. This is basically showing how easy it is to animate different doors without any neccessary event reprogramming using my engine.

Fixed a minor bug with the generator objects, where sometimes objects (enemies/moving platforms, etc) didn't appear when they are supposed to be called.
Fixed the door sound to keep looping when the opening/closing animation is playing. Stopped too early for those bigger doors.

Doors now have new qualifiers to group them together, as to polishing the game engine to make it easier to work with by users.
it can now create single sided doors, much like how Wily's castle boss rooms worked. It can even change/create new graphics/animation of doors without having to code new events for them. Much like how it can create different graphics for the spikes and ladders via its own qualifiers.
Other than that, a few other minor adjustments have been made for impreovements on the engine.

The moving platforms have been updated. They now have diagonal movement flags available. Not only can they move just left/right, or just up/down only, but I have provided flags to make them move diagonally as well.
Ladders now have the ability to make use of different sprites/graphics for each level, using the groups/qualifier handles. Much like how the spikes currently work in the engine.
Also, left/right screen scrolling transitions can now be used as one way transitions. Much like how the doors work, they also have re-entry flags for areas you want to transition back to the other way.

I have finally added the moving platforms into the engine. They can be found on the top-center stage at the select screen. AKA the "debug" room.

Uplaoded a new video of the current progress. See video section.

BIG UPDATE! Here's the list.
- Game window icon replaced/added for the engine. It is now a Mega Man helmet.
- Powmettaur miniboss updated. Small mettaurs now pop out from his helmet. 2 flying, and 2 ground mettaurs.
- Teleporter graphics have been added into Mega Man ?'s stage, but do not currently work.
- Stage bosses fixed/adjusted, and re-arranged. Spiked Wall Man returns in glory on 'Mega Man ?'s stage.
- 'Mega Man ?' has a new charge up animation.
- Unfinished mettaurs can be located on Mega Man's stage.
- [?] cans have been added, but do not drop any thing as of yet.
- Stage/Boss doors now have the ability for re-entry via the engine's door re-entry flags. The debug room (top middle) shows this.
- Dr. Wily stage added. The stage shows that it can allow to generate robot master stage bosses as 2nd fight methods without reprogramming.
- Not only is there a new Dr. Wily stage, but I also added the 'Dr. Wily eyebrows' UFO intro to his stage.

Added new screen shots to keep up to the current progress of the engine.
Try the demo in the downloads section.

- Updated the game engine. Clicking on a blank space in the stage select screen takes you to nothingness. A black hole. It's main purpose is for completeness, and to show how the engine works by placing the player in different locations of the engine's frame.
Also, added music to Mega Man's stage, and Zero's capsule added.

- The game engine finally gets a new update. Added some new areas.
I have said before I would only limit the engine to one stage. However, I found an alternate route to how I am programming the levels for the engine. I decided to add new areas for the engine for the purpose of showing how I am controlling the engine's route of different stages. Selecting a different stage takes you to a different position of the platform engines frame. This way, I don't have to keep copying the platform engine to different, multiple frames where not neccessary.
In other words, these stages do NOT have their own frames. The entire platform engine is being developed all in one frame to stay constant with the progamming.

New areas as follow:
- [Mega Man?] (Top Left): Default level I have based the engine around on. Features an optional Crash Man mid-boss battle.
- [Zero] (Top Right) (INCOMPLETE): Takes you to Dr. Wily's lab where you fight his ultimate creation.
- [Mega Man] (Middle): Takes you outside. Merely an easter egg. A hat tip from Mega Man 3's ending. Although it may be used for testing purposes. No music.
- [Spiked Wall Man] (Bottom Middle): The "Debug Room" returns with an all new layout, featuring 4 different entrances.

Moved the How-to/Examples section down to a more convenient place on my site.
Also, added a new quick link reference guide above.

- Updated the stage select in the How-To/Example section. Just a small coding fix. Nothing noticeable in game, though it improves handling in the sounds.

- Added the stage select screen in the engine. It is the same stage select screen as in the how-to/examples section, only added sound and music to go with the engine.
For the engine's purpose, Mega Man's face is the only one selectable while the 8 slots will stay empty. Selecting him takes you to the only stage available included in the engine.

I have added a How-To/Examples section of this site. They are mainly resources as a future reference of the project. They help me keep organized as to what I have done so far to provide for my game engines. These examples will most likely be posted at the MegaMan Fangame Network site as well. You are free to use these for your own MMF2 fan game projects.

Not really an update, but just some fascinating news related to the subject.
According to some info provided by Francois, an admin of the Clickteam forums, MMF2 will soon have the ability to make flash .swf builds! Thats right, supposedly Mac users will be able to play fan games made with MMF2, as long as the fan game creator uses the swf build.
There is no given release date for this build. But rest assured, it IS 100% real, despite the news post being posted on April 1 (April Fools Day).
- Subject: April the first
The links provided are proof that there is a swf builder for MMF2. For users who are familiar with the old MMF days, the two games converted to flash SWF are Zeb, and Gracillis V. 'Zeb' was probably one of the best examples of static platforming game engine of it's time.
- Gracillis under Flash.
- Zeb under Flash.
Full credit goes to Francois of Clickteam for this fascinating news.
* UPDATE: Apparently, sound is not currently supported for .swf build files. As the games shown in the links above suggest, there is no sound playback.
Although, someone mentioned that Francois confirmed that MP3 will be the only sound supported for MMf2 swf files. A somewhat let down there, but I suppose it is better than no sound at all.

- Advertisement for the new Mega Man fan games community is up.

- Fixed the charge times for the mega buster weapon.
- The stage can finally be cleared by defeating the end boss. Mega Man now teleports out of the stage after beating dark Mega Man.
- A few other fixes, such as getting stuck in walls.

- Changed the ladder handling. While not noticeable in the game, it makes placing the ladders in a stage easier, as far as level mapping/programming wise goes. Mostly to make the engine easier to work with when I make it open source.
- Small color update on Gyotot (robot fish). It's eyes now blink like it did in the Game Boy games.
- Fixed miniboss destoyed bridge bug. If you hit the miniboss with special weapon, switch back to normal weapon, the bridge would still break when you destroy the miniboss. This no longer applies, as it only breaks when you destroy the miniboss with the special weapon being the final hit.

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