Screen Shots

Mega Man Engine 2009 Version:
These screen shots are from the latest version of my current Mega Man Engine in production.

2009 Engine Title Screen
with FIXED Mega Man icon

New engine updates using
my new static platform engine

Helmetless MegaMan Mode.

Auto scrolling stage

Pause menu screen


Mega Man Engine 2008-2009 Edition:
These are screen shots of the OLD 2008-2009 Mega Man Engine. This engine is no longer in production as it contains numerous bugs, and lacks details in static programming movement. It has been replaced by my new engine that is more polished, and more stable than this engine seen below.

Engine Title Screen
with NEW Mega Man icon

Stage Select Screen

It was HIM all along!


Powmettaur's new allies.

Rematch! Next, Dr.Wily's castle!

Early W.I.P. Screen Shots:

Engine Title Screen

Mettaur Mini Boss

Boss Battle

That Darn Fish

Reappearing/Dissapearing Blocks

Crash Man?

Early BETA Screen Shots:

Rush Coil

Weapons Testing - Charged Shot

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