Mega Man Engine Demo
Game Engine Debug Keys:
[F]:Displays Frame Rate. (Frames Per Second)
[D]:Shows debug display information.(in game only)
[O]:Displays invisible object detectors. (in game only)
[+]:Speed up FPS rate.
[-]:Slow down FPS rate.
[F2]:Restarts the application.
[F3]:Goes back to the Stage Select screen.
[F4]:Restarts the current frame.
[Space Bar]:Reverses gravity. (in game only)
[Enter]:Start. Brings up pause menu screen.

You need the Vitalize! plugin to play this game online.
Vitalize! Download Center
Microsoft Internet Explorer NOT reccomended!

Download as stand alone Game
Engine Availability: Open Source
Text Info: Read Me Document
Download all as ZIP file
Requirements: Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam

This engine is a lot more stable, more polished than my older versions.
It is all static movement, all of the code is built form the ground up.
It has a new physics engine using floats, not found in any of the old engines.
It includes comments & useful information of what is used, and coveres what each group does.
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