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This example shows you how to make a simple static platform game using fast loops, floating point movement, and 'OR' operators.

What this platform engine includes:
- Basic left & right movement
- Jumping & gravity
- Slippery ice floors (Makes use of floating point movement.)
- Reverse gravity feature
- Moving platforms
- Conveyor belts

To reverse the gravity for the player, press [Enter] key.

Static Platform Engine

Watch Video Demonstration

This example makes use of Spread Values for making
Mega Man Magic/Yoku Blocks in Multimedia Fusion 2.

There are 4 example patterns available.
Pressing enter during play goes to the next example.
Pressing left or right arrow keys toggles between examples.
Pressing either 1, 2, 3, or 4 will jump to that example pattern.

Spread Value - Yoku Blocks

This example shows you how to change Mega Man's colors for different weapons using MMF2's color replace option.

[<] & [>] keys changes his colors.
[1] [2] [3] keys changes his Mega Buster charge level.
[space bar] inks Mega Man black.

Weapon Color Change

This is a simple method of making your own robot master stage select screens in Multimedia Fusion 2.

This example features Mega Man's eyes looking around, just like in the latest game Mega Man 9.

Stage Select

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