Fan Gaming Before Multimeda Fusion 2

The origin of making the Mega Man engine actually started back when I was messing around with MUGEN to see what I could come up with. I had attempted to try to make a platform engine out of a fighting game engine. Unfortunately, it had failed so horribly bad, I stopped working on the project under MUGEN. This is when I moved on to using other software tools, like Multimedia Fusion, where it is easier to make platform games.

Here's the last screen shots of the early beta that was discontinued from MUGEN.

Even before the platform project idea was started under MUGEN, I had created a mini game with it.
It was a simple boss fight between Mega Man, and what could be known as "Future Zero".
Zero has a similar fight pattern to that of his pattern from Mega Man X2, X vs. Zero fight.

This mini game is still available to download.

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