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Updated: March 30, 2011

[3/30/11]: Instead of maintaining this old site regularly, I am making a website specifically dedicated for my Mugen 1.0 creations only. I decided to leave my old mugen site behind, along with my old creations. So don't worry, my old stuff can still be found here. All the new stuff will be located on my mugen 1.0 page.

You'll be able to see my new mugen 1.0 page April 1, 2011.
While you wait, check this out. It's another character I've been working on for Mugen 1.0.


Oh, for the record, this 'IS' Mugen 1.0. Looks like Elecbyte is continuing their work. It was only recent (This past January 2011, actually) that they've released a decent, functional Mugen 1.0. In the previous versions, they have been releasing RC's. But this time, looks like they've finally given us a working mugen.
Want to look at Elecbyte's new Mugen 1.0? Just click the link below.

[11/17/08]: Added two more screen shots.

Added a video to my youtube account.

Also. Been thinking about putting up a demo of the engine. Once the engine is more complete, I'll see if I can post a demo available to play online.

[11/14/08]: Just to give you a little heads up of what I have been doing.

The Bad News:
Seems that I have lost interest in fighting games for the moment. That means making characters & stages for fighting game engines. I am no longer working on any Mugen creations. So for those that are still playing mugen, I am Sorry. There are no plans on updating, or continuing my creations as of this message.
However, I will continue to host all my mugen creations on my website.

The Good News:
I have gotten interest into platforming games. For those that are big mega man fans (like myself), I am currently working on a Mega Man fan game. It is being developed with Multimedia Fusion 2.

See screens below.

You can thank Mega Man 9 for getting me back into platforming, and back into Mega Man games in general.

[10/23/08]: I have added my Justin.tv account on my site.
[9/22/08]: Mega Man 9 comes out on Wiiware today!

Also, if you want a challenge, I have released MegaMan vs. Zero.

Click on the pic to download this minigame. Be sure to hit mmvszero.bat file to play.

Have fun!

[9/20/08]: For those who want to see me embarrass myself at Mega Man 9 on Monday, Sept, 22, you can come to this site here.
[9/19/08]: Mega man 9 has finally been confirmed to be released this Monday, Sept. 22nd on Wiiware. I will also be posting y Mega Man vs. Zero Mini game then too.

Also, keep an eye out for my live coverage of Mega Man 9. I will be broadcasting footage over on my Live Video account. Until all the Mega Man 9 hype is over, I will be placing all my projects on hold.

[9/17/08]: Here's some update progress.

Also, latest information points that Mega Man 9 will be available this coming Monday, Sept. 22. That is when I will release that Mega Man Vs. Zero Minigame. That is hte day that I will be stopping all my projects progress and play Mega Man 9. Keep an eye out for any Mega Man 9 videos next week. :)

[9/14/08]: Also inspired by Mega Man 9, I've started on a platforming project.
Right now, these screens are WYSIWYG. I've just began coding the stage.

As you might can tell from the debug text at the bottom of the screen, it is being developed in mugen. I don't know how far into the project I'll go with it. It may end up that making this is most likely impossible, due to fact that Mugen's engine was originally designed for shooting and fighting games.
The satge you see here is made by me. It was originally planned as a small debug room.
But now, it's designed as a coding & testing play room. If the status becomes more complete, I'll attempt to make a video out of it.
[9/6/08]: Okay, According to Inafune, the father of the Mega Man series, the big guy himself. Zero does not actually kill off the family of the classic Mega Man series. Repeat, ZERO DOES NOT KILL MEGAMAN!

Here is the quote:
1) Did Zero really "kill" the family between the events of the Classic Mega Man and X series?
KI: No, Zero did not kill them. According to the way I created him, Zero is not such a person--it is not in his profile.

So with that said, I've switched that "evil" Zero back to regular "good" Zero. His moves are still the same, AI is slightly altered to make it a bit easier to defeat him.

The game is still planned to be released. And I have ditched/trashed the upscaled version. (Screenshot below)

[9/3/08]: Update on this small project.

Seems that I've finally added those life bars.
I also changed the stage size, as the original made them look too small.
If you want this final product to use the original stage setting (see older screen shot below), leave a comment.

As for the release date, I have not set anything. But I do plan to release this small project either before, or when Mega Man 9 comes out on Wii Ware this month.

[8/27/08]: Vent & Aile updated. Model [m] no longer a secret code. It is now part of the regular biometal selection menu.
Model [m] plays more accurate to the original. Sliding is now controlled with down + jump button. The other models dashing is still controlled with the standard dash commands.
[8/26/08]: No Comment.

[7/10/08]: Mecha Dragon released! That is all for now.
[7/8/08]: While there are NO official updates, I am providing a patch for Vent & Aile that enables all the other unfinished, incomplete biometals.
You can thank all the fucking leechers and super fans asking me for this one. Congratulate yourselves, you now have playable unfinished crap.

Inspired by Mega Man 9, coming to Nintendo Wiiware this fall. I bring you, the Mecha Dragon, Dr. Wily Boss 1 from Mega Man 2.

Currently under W.I.P. status.

[6/27/08]: Vent & Aile updated again. Model Ox is now available to use, but unfinished.
While playable, model Ox's OIS mode has been disabled until further development has been made.

[6/22/08]: Vent & Aile have been updated. Model Zx now finished, and is available to use.

[6/18/08]: The SFII bricks bonus stage has been released. You can find it in the characters section.

Eh? What is this now? Possible new bonus stage for Mugen? Street Fighter fans may like this one.
This bonus stage is currently undergoing beta testing, & final touch ups. Release coming soon.
[6/8/08]: Okay, I have finally released Vent & Aile with Model X available.
Due to the number of people that have been begging me for these characters for some time now, you can finally have them. Since the other biometal models are still incomplete, under developed, I have disabled them until they are finished. It was either doing this, or keeping Vent & Aile under private status longer until the other biometal models were finished. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

Also, I have removed the April Fools version of Vent, since there is no real point of having it up there any more. Considering it was just a joke release anyway.

[5/29/08]: Sory for the lack of updates, But I am hoping to get Vent/Aile released with Model X available soon. Sometime in June, perhaps. On a related note, I have posted up the W.I.P. completion % list of how far I have done with each of the 7 models.
Hmm...... I wonder how many people have discovered the hidden download link for the private versions of Vent/Aile when it's not supposed to be released yet?
[4/22/08]: New character released. Check it out!

Sadly no, It is not Vent or Aile. They are still under development.

[4/2/08]: OKAY, okay, jokes over. HA HA. FOOLED YOU!

Yes, it's all true. I played an April Fools joke on you. The Vent you all downloaded is in fact an April Fools release. How should you know this? All he can do is attempt at SSJ mode by powering up endlessly.

Unfortunately, the REAL Vent is still under heavy W.I.P. Sorry for the big disappointment. But if you wish to still try the April Fools Vent, I will still have him up for download as an alternative link. It can be found on Vent/Aile's character W.I.P. page.

[4/1/08]: After months of hard work, Vent from MegaMan ZX is FINALLY released!

[3/7/08]: Sorry for the lack of updates. However, I'm sorry to say that, due to the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I won't have any time to work on Vent & Aile. When Brawl hits March 9th, I'll most likely be playing the game, or working at my job. Since Smash Bros. Brawl is going to be a really fun game for a long while anyway. So, for those that are waiting for Vent & Aile, I'm sorry.

However, if you REALLY want them that bad, I'll be willing to sacrifice the link to the BETA W.I.P. files for them. But since they are really still incomplete (You can't even hit opponents with these characters yet), I can't really recommend having them, let alone saving them for collection.

Just thought I give you heads up of what's been going on lately.
Also, I'll most likely be posting some of my own Super Smash Bros. Brawl videos when it comes out. Esp. for all the modes and game play options that game has to show for.

[2/23/08]: Due to the unfortunate number of complaints I get about my X1 sigma having state freezes, I have removed him from my website. I have no future plans on updating him as it stands.
There. He's gone forever. Happy now?
[2/5/08]: Here's a little update on Vent/Aile W.I.P.

All Biometal models now selectable.

Although they still can't attack, as this is still under heavy W.I.P.

[2/1/08]: Vent & Aile character page uploaded. 2 screen shots added.

NOTE: Vent & Aile are currently under heavy WIP. They have no sound, no biomodels yet. However, they are slightly playable, only in their current [Hu] forms.
[1/24/08]: So you're wondering what I have been working on, in terms of mugen? For those that think that I have been working on Childre Inarabitta, think again! For there is some good news, and some bad news.

The Good News: For MegaMan ZX fans, I have started working on Vent and all his 7 biometal models. You can see Vent's sprite rip progress here, complete with perfect sprite axis.
Although, I may end up only doing models X, Zx, and Ox, due to time factors, and how heavily the other models are hell to code.
And before you ask for Aile, that is being considered, but only after I'm about done coding Vent for mugen.
So, not only will there be an accurate Vent for mugen, but I'm aiming to make all 7 models playable.

The Bad News: Childre Inarabitta is a discontinued WIP until further notice. If anyone wants to pick up on it, I am willing to give up the WIP files.
In fact, here are the WIP files.

[1/14/08]: SFA3/HSFA M.Bison's SF USA palette/sound patch addon has been updated. The updates include a color fix on the shoulder pads, knee pads. The sound has been updated to include the well known "YESSS!" quote from the various Youtube videos.

I have also added a link to my Youtube profile on the menu bar, and on the navigation frame (for those users that use something other than MS Internet Explorer), for those that want to check out my videos online.

Welcome to the year 2008!

Starting off a brand new year! Let's make it the best year for the new 2008!

As you have noticed, I have cleaned up my news page with old 2007 updates. I stil have the last few months up from 2007, but I don't know how long I'll have these up here.

[12/29/07]: Additional palettes for Omega Zero have been made by N. It has colors for Nightmare Zero, red & black armor Zero from MM-X 4-6, and both forms of the giant omega robot from Zero 3.
On a related update, a very small update has been made to Omega Zero, which fixes the charge x & y buttons issue during the hyper mode power up attempt. What the bug was, during the hyper mode attempt, You would also be able to charge z-saber, or the shot gun while powering up. Since this was a very minor issue, I didn't bother changing the dates. But it's been fixed.

Here is my release list for this year:

- Omega Zero v4 FINALLY released!
* On a related release, patches for Shadow Omega Zero v4, and Omega Inarabbita v4 have been released.
- SFA3/HSFA M.Bison got a new palette/sound patch addon. The patch is a Street Fighter USA Cartoon version of M.Bison.
- For an unexpected release, I am releasing Cursor. An original idea that I stopped working on, that uses the windows mouse cursor as a playable character. It contains basic fighting attacks, and a point and click system that lets you click on opponents, and drag them around. It even floats around the stage. If it dies, you get a Blue Screen of Death (AKA BSOD).

[12/10/07]: I am aware that Omega Zero v3 is no longer online. Due to a 'flaw' in uploading a wrong file on my server, I accidentally replaced v3 online, and became v4 for a few mili-seconds one night. So, for those that still want Omega Zero v3, you may have to ask around for it. Because I accidentally overwrote my v3 for the updates coming in v4. However, Omega Zero v4 is expeted to be released on Christmas Day.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

[11/28/07]: Another MegaMan ZX stage released.
It's the forest stage, Area-A. Mainly it's the snake boss fight area, if memory serves.

You can find it in the stages section.

[11/25/07]: A new MegaMan ZX stage released.
This time, it's the endless highway daytime stage during the credits of MegaMan ZX.

You can find it in the stages section.

[11/18/07]: Due to a number of comments saying that Omega Zero is now considerably weak, I am working on another update that will hopefully be the last, and should make everyone happy. I am bringing back Omega's CPU AI accurate hit states as it worked in the games. I may leave the mugen universal hit states for the player controls.

I can't say when I'll release the update as I'll need the time to fix any other critical errors, but I'm hoping before Christmas comes around.

More information, and updates progress will be listed later, as I continue to update Omega Zero.

[11/14/07]: A new MegaMan ZX stage released.
Based on the Debug Room you can only find through cheat/hack devices.

You can find it in the stages section.

[11/3/07]: YouTube Logo, EXLUSIVE character for YouTube Members/Viewers.

For those who want to bash YouTube in Mugen.
Much like that of Super Smash Bros. Sandbag.

See my YouTube profile for the password. You won't be able to find this anywhere else!

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