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Updated: April 1, 2015

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You can download Mugen 1.0 from Elecbyte's official website.

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[4/1/15]: Street Fighter II World Warrior character pack has been updated! There are TON's of updates this time.

- Added alpha transparency option for the SFII style shadows.
- Added option to enable alpha transpaency + after images for projectiles.
- Corrected one frame of M.Bison's shadows during last frame of Scissor Kick.
- Corrected crouch state to play turn animation after jumping over an opponent.
- Added HitShakeOver triggers for hit wall changestate controllers.
- Ryu/Ken Hurricane Kick now rises slightly higher.
- Ryu/Ken light kick now pushes back slightly further.
- Fixed X hit fall velocity during burn hit states after hitting against walls.
- Added a Final Boss controller after a certain # of matches have been won.
- Added a new hidden character Sheng Long. Requires method to fight against. Please view ReadMe.txt for more details about how to fight him.
- Fixed/removed a small change state controller in which player would not go back to the SF2WW select screen when against itself on higher matches.
- Combined all the character state files into one characters.cns file.
- Added a controller to force character back on Ryu's slot on weird situations.
- Removed duplicate hit frames used for shock animations from sprite SFF file.

[3/1/15]: Welp, The CAT is out of the bag now! YES, this IS happening! This is in fact real, FINALLY!

Expected Release Date: April 1, 2015

[1/15/15]: SF2WW update log as follows:
- Fixed SFII shadows for M.Bison's intro & win pose frames.
- Fixed a couple of errors when getting put into custom state by other characters.

You can get the update patch on the download page as usual.


The SFII World Warrior Character pack has been updated today! Here is the change log:
- Fixed some characters width values for pushing when you decide to cycle between characters during the match. For bigger characters, some push collisions were too close to each other.
- Character specific .DEF files now have their own constants. This is to have their own [Data] and [Size] such as mid.pos, and head.pos positions, as well as their own win quote texts for Mugen 1.0's win quote system.
- Added SFII character shadows. Press start during "Round #", or before the round begins to change between solid, flashing shadows, or use Mugen's default stage shadows.
- Vega's side wall jumping controller now a bit limited. If you're too close to the floor when in the air, it shouldn't activate.

[12/28/14]: I've added an optional sprite pack to fix Chun Li's and M.Bison World Warrior portraits on the select/VS screens.
Otherwise, you can assume to stick with the official artwork of the World Warrior portraits.
You can download the optional fix from the SFII characters pack download page.

[12/26/14]: Updates and a few fixes to the SF2WW character pack as follows:
- Added character randomization function for turns mode.
- Fixed randomization error for modes other than turns, where the character would be someone else rather than what the VS screen display would say.
- Removed the life bar display on the SF2 Select and VS screens, as on some MUGEN screen packs, the life bars would display on top of these screens.
- Added an air.animtype = Back controller to ALL character hitdefs to use their correct hit frames when hit in the air.
[12/25/14]: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Have fun! We'll see you in 2015!

[12/16/14]: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very busy with other things, as well as taking my free time enjoying creations with MUGEN, as well as playing games that are outside of MUGEN.
Also, since it's change from April's udpate, I have decided to leave my Mugen 1.0 News page with inverted colors, with the rest of the pages with normal colors. I actually kind of like it this way.

So, it's Christmas time once again! And here is what I have to show this time!

Dont't be confused. This is STILL MUGEN. But it's the COMPLETE SFII roster, ALL in 1 character pack!
You can see more screen shots by visiting the character WIP + info page right here!

[4/1/14]: ALL WIP characters have been released! Whether they are unfinished, or discontinued, I have released them as they stand.
While still unfinished, Dan from Street Fighter Alpha has been re-released on the site.

Released characters for today include the following:
Kega Fusion
(Dan's Father)
Koryu Fu Man
Kung Fu Blanka
Kung Fu M.Bison
Tu Shou
Kung Fu Man
You can find all these characters in the character downloads section.


This stage is an updated + animated version of my classic Night Stage I made for old Winmugen.

- The news section has been cleaned up of all previous news posts from last year. If you want to read the old posts, check the previous years news posts.

- The main site has been updated today. The character & stage downlaods are now in one frame. This should help keep all the site news posts & releases a little more organized.

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