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Updated: April 1, 2014

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You can download Mugen 1.0 from Elecbyte's official website.


[10/30/13]: Castle Calamity v2.0 has been released!

The new background stage remix is included in this release.

[10/13/13]: A new update for Castle Calamity is coming up soon.
Lots of updates to the current version, including more ridiculous scenes.

The next update will be released sometime before the end of October. Please check back soon for the update.

[10/7/13]: Castle Calamity: The Game has been released!
It is available for both WinMugen users, and Mugen 1.0 users.

Stage specific backgrounds for Castle Calmity are included in the download.

Please read the 'ReadMe' file if you would like to submit any of your own scenes for the game.

[9/13/13]: Added a new Mugen game WIP.
This time, it's a "bonus" game, based on and inspired by the original flash parodies by Jeremy Simms.
Your goal in this WIP game is to attempt to destroy the castle, only to fail, and get backfired by it.

[8/30/13]: Another two month absence. But don't worry. I am still here. Here are two new stages added to the site.

Dive Man Stage Added. Toad Man stage updated.

Toad Man stage update info:
- Fixed image pixels of the right side pillar of the bridge.
- The bridge platform is now a separate sprite from the two side pillars.
- Gyotot new frames added.
- Mega Man Added.
- Toad Man Added.
- Toad Man's Acid Rain added.

[6/26/13]: After being absent of upates in two months, a brand new character WIP has been revealed.

His name is Kega Fusion, named after a Sega Emulator of the same name.
He is a mix between Street Fighter's Ken Masters, and Vega the Spanish claw dude. See images below.

You can check out more screen shots of this character WIP on the character info page.

[4/14/13]: A new stage has been released today.
It's 8-Bit Toad Man stage from MegaMan IV, featuring two Gyotots swimming in the water. In fact, that's what the name of this stage is called, Gyotot's Domain.

Click on the image to download. This stage has been added in the stage select frame above.
[4/2/13]: I have stripped off all the old news posts from 2012 and older, separating them to their own page for a cleaner site.

All the download links for the SF2 characters have been fixed, back to normal.
Vega SF2-X is finally avaialble as of today!

For thse wondering, here is the lowdown as to what happened here on this site on April Fools day:
- Dead Kung Fu Man was released as a joke type character. He is not to be taken seriously. As such, he's been removed from the characters frame.
- All SFII World Warrior download files pointed to their Japanese names instead of the USA names.
* - Example: Downlaoding Balrog SFII World Warrior would give you Vega, the Spanish claw dude.
- Vega SFII-X actually pointed to a renamed M.Bison SFII World Warrior (The dictator final boss), with the correct file name 'vega-sf2x.zip'.
- Text, backgrounds were inverted and mirrored on this site. The main page was also fixed.

Thanks for playing April Fools Day!

[4/1/13]: Dead Kung Fu Man has been released for Mugen 1.0!

Vega SSFIIX + SFII'CE have been released for Mugen 1.0 only!

Vega SFII World Warrior has been updated to v1.1!

Character Update Log:
- Backflip velocity has been updated. It is now matched with my other SFII Vega's available here.
- Added blood FX with claw attacks on successful hits.
- Added hit spark FX when opponents hit the floor from throws.
- Guard start statedef has been fixed to be forced in to crouching type.
- SNES version sound clip has been changed/updated with the correct sound for his throw/grab move.

(Have you noticed anything different today?)

[2/25/13]: Another Vega has been revealed as a WIP. Progress has been really slow, and it's taking a little longer than I would have liked to have worked on it.
Screen shots have been added in the character info page. Check them out.

Vega SFII World Warrior has been schedueld for an update coming soon, along with this new release.

[1/22/13]: Vega SFII World Warrior has been updated, as well as the WinMugen version released. Here is the update log.
- WinMugen version released.
- Custom AI system added.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.
[1/21/13]: Vega SFII World Warrior has been officially released!

Everything is done on him, except AI. He currently has no AI other than MUGEN's default move and jump states.
Once I have programmed AI into Vega, I will make a WinMugen version of him as I did my other characters.
[12/20/12]: I have re-organized the website. The list of characters and stages I have done are now inside shortened frames. It's much like the setup of my old Mugen website, except now it's part of the same page insetad of its own. It will help keep the website more organized. I can post my Mugen news here, and manage the releases on separate pages shown.

I released a new stage. It's another graphical version of the Big Mouser stage I did years ago for older Mugen. This one is Mugen 1.0 compatable.
Note that this is from the 'Hero Turtles' version of the game. Not to be confused with the 'Ninja Turtles' version. While they are the exact same thing, the games are slightly different in terms of art designs. It apparently has a couple of differences that the TMNT version doesn't have. Although I believe the level design layouts are the same.

One of the differences of the TMHT version of the Big Mouser stage is that it seems to be missing the light bulb in its mouth. It also has a bobbing head, unlike the other versions never had.
To be honest, I think I like this version better than the other 2 that I've seen. These 2 being the infamous Nintendo NES version, and the old TMNT Amiga version.
Speaking of which, I have updated the old Amiga version of the stage for Mugen 1.0. Mostly boundary adjustments, corners of the stage, and characters Y offset fixes.

Now that there are 3 graphical versions of the stage, I think I'm happy with how the results have turned out so far.
If you want the Nintendo NES version of this stage, it can be found in my old mugen stages archive.

[12/15/12]: A new WIP page has been added. To complete the original boss roster of SFII World Warrior, my latest character WIP is be Vega.
I have already began ripping the sprites. I am in the process of color separating them along the way. Since Vega has a claw attachment, it's going to take a little longer to do. I'm not sure if I'm going to release a clawless version during the beta stages or not. Anyway, Christmas is coming up, so process may be slow for a while. I'll keep you informed.
[12/10/12]: A minor update to Sagat SFII World Warrior.
- Tiger shots should now be binded at the start correctly depending on scale of character.
- Tiger Uppercut no longer makes opponent fall down when standing on ground.
- Heavy Tiger Kicks (moveswap mode only) slightly slowed down.
[12/9/12]: Sagat SFII World Warrior has been released!

[11/23/12]: More updates to M.Bison and Balrog SFII World Warrior.
- Dizzy system damage value now reset when guarded against attacks.
- SFII win quote screen system updated. Many tweaks & finalization in code.
* - Character changing into win quote statedef is now delayed for win pose statedef.
(Characters used to go strait into new statedef for win quote system. Now is not the case.)
* - Various triggers fixed, such as updates in NumEnemy conditions.
* - Defeated character now starts in statedef simultaneously with characters win quote statedef.
* - Players now positioned at the center of the stage so that the music is played in the center correctly.
- M.Bison win pose width edge fixed for SNES version.
- M.Bison AI update. Custom built AI system now jumps upwards and forwards instead of only backwards.
- Balrog fixed width value during stand guard frames.
- Balrog hitbox AIR file updates.

New Work in progress page added for Sagat [SFII World Warrior].

As for Dan SFA1 and Oyaji being absent from the website, they are now discontinued until I decide to pick them back up again.

[11/14/12]: A very "MINOR" update to M.Bison and Balrog SFII World Warrior.
This minor update fixes the lose portraits from not showing up at the end of the match during team VS modes against themselves. The EnemyNear triggers have been replaced with Enemy(0), and Enemy(1) triggers to activate the lose portraits instead.
No need to update the character page for it, as it does not affect game play at all, much.

A new character has been released for both Mugen 1.0, and WinMugen.

Yup, it is Gulpfer from Mega Man X5. Downlad is available on character page.

[11/7/12]: A critical update for both Balrog [SFII World Warrior] and M.Bison [SFII World Warrior].
- Updated the dizzy system.
* - Dizzy states are now idle move type to reset opponents juggle point count.
* - When tripped before going into dizzy state, characters now fall back to previous tripped state.
- M.Bison's head stomp move now faces in opposite direction if unsuccessful while jumping off from a corner.
- M.Bison and Balrog's movement velocities have been slightly changed.
- Other various changes, such as minor fixes to win quote system activation.
- Win/Lose Portraits on the SFII quote system now include removetime -1.
[11/4/12]: Balrog [SFII World Warrior] and M.Bison [SFII World Warrior] BOTH get an update.
- Balrog small AI added.
- Balrog WinMugen version is now available.
- Characters WinMugen AI activation triggers changed.
- Fixed a critical bug for characters in survival mode, which the characters would load a previous # on Var(50) from another character, resulting in odd, unwanted results.
[11/2/12]: Another update to Balrog [SFII World Warrior]. All of his hitdefs have been added. Some other minor tweaks.
This is near the final version. When I go to make the WinMugen version of him, he will finally be completed.

Added some more screen shots of him on the character download page.

[11/1/12]: Balrog [SFII World Warrior] has been updated.
- Hit boxes have been added for his attacks.
- Commands have been changed around.
- SNES version has correct graphics & animation frames now.
- Sprite sets have been cropped.

Attacks still don't connect yet, as the HitDefs need to be added. After that, he should be almost finished.

[10/29/12]: I have released a BETA version of Balrog [SFII World Warrior]. There isn't much to do with him yet. Here is what I am already aware of.
- Missing CLSN hit boxes on attacks.
- Hitdef attack hits need to be added, as well as tweaking.
- SNES mode needs alternate SFF sprite file to match the graphics style.
- SNES mode possible incorrect sounds and/or limited animation frame numbers.

This version is just to show how far of the progress I have done so far.

[10/27/12]: New character WIP page has been uploaded.

[10/23/12]: One more update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior].
- Removed a StateTypeSet code in the override.cns system, which could allow for some opponents to use floor/ground infinites against him.
- Dizzy stars/birds, and AI checker states have been moved over to he characters common.cns file.
- SNES version of his fireball projectile now uses the correct graphic explosion as do the attack hit sparks.
- Other minor animaion tweaks and fixes.

Oh, if you're wondering what the third line is all about, well..... It's no secret really. Just for those unaware of M.Bison's move swap mode.

[10/19/12]: Another update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior].
- SNES version various animation tweaks.
- SNES version dizzy stars now flash yellow and green, and also use the SNES color shades.
- Head stomp move does not do guard damage now.
- Head.Pos and Mid.Pos offsets have been fixed.
[10/17/12]: I've done a very "MINOR" graphic update to M.Bison's original SFII World Warrior portrait display during the win quote screen. There was a bit of color loss around the hat due to an oversight of given colors for the palettes given for the character.
I also had to fix a minor error with the win quote system. It seems that it was not activating when the opponent as M.Bison wins for some reason. The other fix was a team side trigger to show the win portrait on the opposite side. Another oversight.
Fixed a bug where the custom AI goes into crouch guard state while in the air.
No other updates have been made since yesterday.
[10/16/12]: Okay, this is "THE" big update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior]. Lots of improvements, as well as a WinMugen version.
Here's the update list as of version 1.0.
- New WinMugen version avaialble.
- No air juggle check system added.
- Dizzy stars now flash colors for the arcade version.
- SNES version now uses correct win quote graphics.
- Using any colors 1-3 now displays the original SF2-WW portrait for the arcade version during the SFII win quote screen.
- Various bug fixes.
[10/13/12]: Another update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior]
- Added the dizzy system to the player.
- Minor tweaks to AI, and movement in some special attacks.

The stars do not yet flash green and white as they do in the arcade version. However, they will eventually flash like that in a later update.

[10/10/12]: A minor update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior].
- You can no longer recover out of his throw.
- For the win quote system, I have added more conditions to ensure that the defeated opponent gets put into the custom state to display the defeated portrait properly. This was previously not working on some characters if certain attacks were used at the end, due to them using invincibility triggers. Before, it was only a helper being created last minute to detect the target. Now it's both the root character, and the helper detecting the target.
- The music during the win quote screen is a tad louder.
- Added a second win quote in the built in win quote system.

I have also added a couple of screen shots to him to show the SFII win quote system I've built.

[10/9/12]: M.Bison [SFII World Warrior] now has a new custom built SFII style win quote system. Please see the "AIR_WinQuote-Compatability" document to see how you can make your characters compatible with it.
[10/7/12]: M.Bison [SFII World Warrior] finally gets a new AI update!
The new AI system I added is somewhat close to his CPS1 Arcade AI. There may be a few differences, but at least he's a little bit harder than the pre-coded AI already available in Mugen's system.
[10/5/12]: Another update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior]. I have added the SFII arcade hit/guard sparks, as well as the SNES hit/guard sparks to all of his attacks. I did more tweaking in some of his movements.
[10/4/12]: Another random update to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior]. Mainly some fixes, adjustments, and additional features for the secret moveset mode. Corrected the combo hit count for Psycho Crusher.
[10/3/12]: Added a few things to M.Bison [SFII World Warrior] since it's first release. Now to see if I can work on his AI a bit, or a SFII dizzy system for him.
[10/1/12]: It's six months later since the last update on this site. FINALLY, a new release!

[4/4/12]: Okay, the fun is over. Ken Masters has now returned back to normal.

If you still want the Koryu version of Ken Masters, he can still be downloaded here.

[4/1/12]: Ken Masters got a major update!

[8/20/11]: Oyaji WIP page is finally up. Also, one more screen shot added.

[8/19/11]: I've been quiet for a while now. SFA Dan hadn't got an update in quite a while. However, I'm still not done with mugen.

But hat's this? Could it be? Another possible character WIP?

Yup. That's Dan's dead father, isn't it? Seems so.
About the screenshot on the right, that is actually only a sprite swap of an old Dan done by some old mugen character creator. But the point is still valid. This WIP I am showing is a complete remake of Dan's father for mugen. It's completely being designed for Mugen 1.0 and up.

[6/16/11]: Dan SFA got an update today.
- Escape Roll Recovery added.
- Stronger normal attacks now do random damages, with exact values, as they did in the game.
- Sprite SFF updated to fix colors for big portrait & icon.
- Other fixes include minor velocity changes, hitdef stun values for attacks.

The only thing left now should be to add in all the hitdef data for the special moves, and the super moves. Then he should be done.

[6/4/11]: Dan SFA has been updated.
- Gale Kick (Dankuu Kyaku) added.
- All 3 super moves added.
- A few velocity & movement tweaks.
- Added a K.O. pause effect. (Experimental, This may change later.)

At this point, SFA Dan is somewhat playable now, just that the special moves don't connect yet. I am already aware of this, as the hitdefs have not been coded. Also, the recovery roll still needs to be added.
So please note that this is still a WIP. Check back later for more updates.

[6/1/11]: Added in Alpha/Zero counter for Dan SFA. Some other minor tweaks.
[5/31/11]: A downloadable WIP version of Dan SFA has been released.
As the title says, there is still some work to be done with him, such as adding his super moves, and one his last special attacks. This version is just to show what I have done so far.
[5/22/11]: Made a character page for Dan. I have finished, and uploaded an uncropped sprite pack of him. These sprites are completely accurate to the X,Y offsets he has in the game.
[5/20/11]: Ken Masters sprite SFF file updated. Fixed the X/Y offset alignment for group 5400, which is the hit spinning animation. In Ken's uncropped sprite set, fixed the shocked sprites alignment.
So yea, no coding changes here. Mainly a few sprite X/Y offset fixes.

Also, here's a little teaser for my next upcoming WIP.

Final result may be different from what is shown.

Oh yea, the characters section is now moved up to the top of this page.

[5/6/11]: SFII Dash Ryu & Ken have been updated. Here's what's been changed.
- Fixed the intro trigger against each other. I just removed a palette number trigger, which caused either Ryu or Ken to not do their intro if their palette was 7 or higher.
- Animations updated. Their jumping forward/backward animations are now more accurate to the original SFII animation times.
- Added back in the SF Alpha 3 colors for Ryu via color selection 7-12, like I've done for Ken.
[4/28/11]: The alternate sprite pack for Ryu SFII Dash has been updated.
- More palettes/colors have been added.
- Minor animation frame change for close medium punch.

Download from the character download page.

[4/22/11]: Ryu and Ken have been updated again. Apparently there was a command error where you could cancel a Shoryuken into a Hadoken, or a Shoryuken into a Hurricane Kick. This was something I probably overlooked when programming the combos. So now, the command files have been fixed.

Also, both Ryu & Ken's Hurricane Kicks now no longer keep hitting opponents if they are falling up in the air.

[4/20/11]: SFII Dash Ryu has been updated. Fixed lose/draw animations. Added a few more sprite frames. Fixed close medium kick/knee animation.
Released the alternate sprite/animation pack addon compatible for SFII Dash Ryu.

Download the updates in the character download page.

UPDATE: Apparently, there was a command error that you could activate their special moves on contact while still in the air. This error has been fixed for both Ryu and Ken.

[4/19/11]: Just letting you know that I am working on an alternate SFF sprite file for my SFII Dash Ryu for Mugen 1.0. I have put up the uncropped version of the alternate SFF file on Ryu's info page.
While this new SFF is for display purposes only, this SFF will not actually work 100%. Some animation frames will most likely disappear during some attacks. I am currently working on a new animation.air file that will work for the alternate SFF file for this Ryu.
Check the character info page for info & download alternate SFF pack WIP.

All uncropped sprite packs for Ken, Ryu, & SF2 Ryu have been updated. Added a few sprite frames that were missing before. Ryu is currently being updated now with the sprite updates & animation errors. Check back soon.

[4/7/11]: Ungh, another Ryu released. What..... Oh yea, this Ryu is based on the SFII Dash mode Ryu from Hyper Street Fighter Alpha.
For the record, this version of Ryu is a little more accurate than the previous Ryu's I have made during the old Mugen days. The sprites offset alignments are more accurate.
Originally I didn't want to do this, since I've done so many in the past. But since Ryu & Ken are so similar in SFII Dash, and I wanted their Hyper SFA counterparts to exist, I went ahead and did this much.

Ken Masters updated. Minor animation & codes adjusted. Fixed the combo system.

[4/2/11]: Okay, jokes over. April Fools everyone!
If you noticed, Ken was an April Fools prank in which you couldn't do anything. If you even tried to get close to him, the screen would black out and freeze.

Okay seriously, Ken Masters has been updated today. He's been fixed out of the April Fools edition. You can now actually use him this time around! So go ahead and grab THE REAL version.

[4/1/11]: Ryu Koryu Edition Released!
Ken Masters SFII Dash mode from Hyper Street Fighter Alpha released!


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