(Original Zero)
Origin:MM-Zero 3 (GBA)
Updated:December 25, '07
Download:Version 4
Omega Zero
Updated:December 25, '07
Download:Shadow Omega
v4 Patch Files
Name:Omega Inarabbita
(A.K.A. Childre Inarabbita
with Mysterious Rock)
Updated:December 25, '07
Download:Omega Inarabbita
v4 Patch Files
NOTE: Both Shadow Omega Zero, and Omega Inarabbita are merely color swaps, sound swaps, name changes, and code modifications of Omega Zero.
That is why they are in the same section with him. They are just patches for Omega Zero v4 anyway, and thus, Omega Zero v4 is required to use these.

Additional Palettes - Created by N.

Older Versions of Omega Zero
- First Public Release
- Zero Inarabbita (AF Edition: Released 4/1/07)

A mini pocket sized (original GBA game size) version of Omega is available for a pocket mugen roster.

An AI only version is available for hard core gamers who wish to use him as a final boss type character.
WARNING: Extremely cheap character, as cheap as he was in MegaMan ZX!

How the CPU AI system works:
* Any/All Range (from close to max range):
- Dash, Sabre Uppercut

* Close Range:
- 3 Slash Sabre
- Light Beam Heal
- Charge Sabre

* Mid Range:
- 2 Charge shots & Sabre Blade
- Double Jump, Spinning Sabre Small blades
- Ground Pound 5-way shot.
- 7-Hit combo sabre slash.

* Max Range, and over:
- 7-Hit combo sabre slash.
- Double Jump
- Dash